Frequently Asked Questions


• What are the Publisher terms?
Read the publisher terms.

• Why Filedm?
Our offering is clean and our rates are very competitive. You won't find malware or adware in our offers, while that seems to be the default on some other networks. This makes our network chrome friendly and allows to be used in combination with YouTube.

• What are the rates?
We have no fixed rates. It can differ per country and day. Our rates very competitive.

• What is the maximum file size I can upload?
A single file can be 100Mb.

• Can I use pop traffic directly?
No. You can't use our landingpages for this type of direct traffic.

• Do I have to use your download page?
Yes. You can directly link to it from your website or channel.


• What are the payment terms?
The terms are net-15. We pay out the earnings of the previous month, on the 15th of the new month.

• What is the minimum payout?
There is no minimum.

• Do I need to request a payment?
No. If you have Paypal as the payment method (which is the standard method) it is automatic.

• Which payment methods do you accept?
We pay by Paypal.

• Do you pay by cryptocurrencies?
No. We might decide to do so in the future.