Make your Youtube gaming channel unique

If your goal is to create a massive Youtube following in the gaming niche. You have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. There are thousands of other gaming video creators out there. What makes you better than them? If you're better than most of them, there is eventually success. Here are two tips that will help your Youtube gaming channel. These two points will help you focus on the right things - which are essentially just two in the YouTube gaming niche. Eventhough it is applicable to other niches as well, especially the second point usually gets overseen by gamers.

1. Quality

The obvious thing has to be said. If your Youtube videos don't have enough quality, it won't be liked and neither shared. You want quality video, audio and gameplay. Each of these are equally important to build up a good following and subscriber count. If you have low resolution video, without you properly talking it won't work. If your gameplay does not look fun you will get skipped within 3 seconds of someone opening the video. Make sure the videos are regular (daily, or weekly) and don't miss your upload days. Scheduling this is easy. People don't subscribe if you come with another video one year from now. They do so, to be aware of the newest stuff and not mis out.

2. Character

A lot of the times people subscribe for your character. This is equally important to the actual point described previously. When the speaker is not fun to listen to, there is no connection between de viewer and video creator. This does not mean that a video with text won't work. It does work but building a connection with viewers is harder. The overwhelming majority of success comes from a good connection with your audience. Being a good person does make a difference. Being enteraining will be the cherry on the cake. One person is recording with a monotone voice. And the other one is screaming all around. Neither one of these, but the middlepath is the right one. People usually get annoyed with high pitches or screaming anyways.

Truth has to be told. Building a following is not without efford. Of course, there are overnight success stories of a person that makes just one video and goes viral. The right way to do it is usually one that takes efford, trial and error, and alot of time. Some people might be considering to create a gaming audience but actually never do it. Others just start and turn this into a living in a few months. Don't count on luck but be consistent and put in hard work. Especially if gaming is your hobby, this might be doable. The competition is killing, but that should not upset you if you're in the download niche. Your volumes don't need to be that high here (thousands) opposed to millions (with video or display ads) to make a decent living.