Which hosting do I need?

When starting off, this is one of the main questions. Another question would be 'Do I need my own domain name?'. Especially if you're just a hobbyist and want to create a blog. The answer is never the same for everyone. Newcomers might end up in an analysis paralysis situation. But if you're looking to just increase your presence it makes sense to not overthink this. Let's find out why..

Hosts, there are so many

If you're a complete beginner and if this is your first site, go for a hosting that costs less than $3/mo. You will find plenty of them and it does not even matter which one you choose as long as if it is one of the established ones. For a beginner, a simple wordpress website comes for free with the hosting. This content management systems makes you need literally zero knowledge of HTML or coding. Just choose a template and start writing. You don't want to spend much time on the details and code side of things. Instead, come up with great content so you can link your website from your YouTube channel, Discord or whatever media presence you have.
For most of the hobbyists this is where it ends. But if you have tons of traffic coming from Google and go viral it might get time to increase your power at the backend. That simple $3 hosting will start to get slow and won't work any more if you grow big. Switching to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with more power makes sense to keep your operations running. Heads up, you will be making enough money from the ads if you ever experience this problem.


It makes sense to get a proper domain name if you're serious. It gives just that extra touch and allows you to really build your brand. A proper domain gives your trust and legitimacy that otherwise would be lacking. This is really a candidate for an analysis paralysis situation. Some people can spend day, weeks and months on brainstorming for domain names. That's just a waste of time. Pick a domain that fits you and is not so generic. Ideally you want to pick a domain that is short and easy to remember. In many cases (especially if you want a .com-domain) it will be taken already.
Add a free CDN (Content delivery network) on top of your website to speed it up and protect it against attacks. Especially in the gaming niche this might be an issue. Luckily cloudflare can protect your website for free and setting it up takes just 5 minutes.
Cloudflare will basically act as a reverse proxy and sit in between your website and the user. The pictures and all static files will also be transferred to edge locations which makes the page loading times much faster. It takes some stress away from your backend hosting or server. The downside is that you have to depend on yet another big company.