How to create a gaming audience

One of the most effective ways to create a gaming audience is Youtube. We have seen that building up your channel with quality daily videos will be a good longterm and stable stream of visitors.

Whether it is "gameplay", "tutorials" or just "owning" other people, you want to have some sort of call to action to our network. The call to action is download "x" from Filedm, which can be said verbally and linked to in the description. Make sure to follow this checklist in each video.

Building up your audience (e.g. increasing subscriber count) and having daily or bi-weekly videos increases your exposure. But the most important thing is choosing a game that's popular enough with a good developer community. Suggestions of popular games:

Whatever you put to download cannot be copyrighted. In other words, it must be owned by yourself, or you need the distribution rights. This is to preserve your account and not get banned for putting on copyrighted content.
To promote your Youtube channel try the following things: Some extra's:

Let's talk about the advantages of having such a niche audience. Your channel or websites are worth much more if you have your own niche audience. Whether you're using just the regular Youtube Ads, Google Display Ads on your website, or whatever monetization network. Advertisers quickly find out with pixels, callbacks and all sorts of automated systems that your webpage has value for them. Conversions equals value for advertisers. Advertisers are willing to pay more if they see that the conversion-rate is higher than other placements. The algorithms of the advertising networks take care of all of this.
Quality content is what actually matters not only for SEO, but also for the advertisers. With quality content you will be able to attract the right highly targeted audience. In this case the quality content is geared towards gaming. Whether you're making quality videos or quality webpages, in the end the market knows how to value it. Think of whatever would entertain yourself. See what gaming youtubers get a lot of traction. Look at their style and try to emulate some of their success. Always think for yourself. Is your video or webpage of a high enough quality that you would watch yourself. If the answer is yes, you're on the right track to success.