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Create Gaming Audience

How to create a gaming audience for your website or YouTube channel. Tips and tricks to get more subscribers.

Ranking on Youtube

Tutorial on how to better rank your Youtube videos and the ideas behind it. Let's talk about the algorithms.

Roblox vs Minecraft

Which game is future proof when building an audience and why is Roblox growing so hard?

The Freemium model

Software developers are increasingly using the freemium model. This is a winner strategy, read why.

Popular Roblox Exploits

Let's explore and see how the popular Roblox Exploits work. How are they even created?

Differentiate your channel

What makes your channel unique and how to grab your own position in the YouTube world?

Audio Quality Talk

The audio quality on your YouTube channels will be a make or break these days. Read why to improve it.

Search Engine Ranking

Find out how to rank your website nowadays. What matters for SEO and what does not in today's world?

Hosting Talk

Which host should you choose for your gaming blog and do you need your own domain?

Top Software Reviews

The best free screen recorder

Here is a list of the best screen recording softwares for windows. Whether you're live streaming or recording for your friends.. more than ever these handy tools are needed.

Best Injector?

Most likely an injector is one of the main tools for any gaming mod geek. Which one are you going to choose?

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