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How does it work?

Upload your files and use the monetization link. Let your users get the files through our download manager for free.

Our download manager will present optional clean software offers to the end-user. You get paid for sending traffic.

Make Money

Your user gets the files they want - for free. You get to focus on improving your products and still get paid.

Realtime analytics

Our dashboard will show exactly how many users accessed your file with realtime analytics.

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We host your files so your downloads will go through our servers and fast delivery network.

How is this possible?

We're partnered with some of the biggest software companies and can provide their free or trial versions optionally through our download manager.

  • Monetize any file type
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Are your files clean?

Yes. We only distribute and recommend software from trusted brands. Some leading Anti-Virus companies are advertising through our distribution channels. We've processed millions of downloads making us the one of the leading software distribution networks.

  • Chrome Safe, Free of Malware
  • Monetize Windows Only
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Monetizing gaming traffic We have a custom solution to monetize gaming traffic. These usually include things such as "Mods", "Exploits", "Cheats". You as a game developer or youtube video creator will be able to have another stream of consistent income this way to provide your services for free. In the end it becomes a win-win situation for both your audience, and for yourself as a content / software creator.

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